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Welcome to DubCrawl

Join us for our St. Patricks Day Pub Crawl 2017 in Dublin.

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Why we do it

simple… It’s who we are.

It's all we know

We do it anyway! We just want to bring you the same experience that we enjoy every weekend in this magical city.

We love the Craic

What is the ‘Craic’ you ask? It’s one of the many Irish terms we will teach you throughout our journey together, meaning ‘Fun, Banter and Good Times had by all’.

our Passion

We love what we do, we love having fun and we want to share that passion and enjoyment with you. If you don’t have your best night in Dublin with us, we WILL give you your money back!

Our Stories

Looking for pub crawls in Dublin? Look no further, we have everything you need for the best bar crawl in the city. If you want to know more check out our blog.

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The ultimate 12 Pubs of Christmas Rule Card

Who doesn’t love a good pub crawl, especially around the Christmas period? 12 pubs of Christmas is a tradition on par with your turkey and ham dinner amongst the Irish these days. One way to create a bit more craic along the way is to introduce a rule and penalty for...

10 tips how to survive the 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl

10 Tips: A Guide to Surviving the Infamous 12 Pubs of Christmas   1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail A fairly straight forward tip but also a crucial one, before setting off be sure to line the stomach adequately and drink plenty of water. You might break the...

Dublin’s Ultimate Pub Crawl Guide

Pub Crawls in Dublin City We have compiled a comprehensive list of Pub Crawls in Dublin City Centre and we are confident there will be something for everyone from traditional pubs drinking guinness to the newest swankiest cocktail bars, we covered it all! The Original...


Get 2 for 1 tickets before Feb 1st

Great feedback from our fans

we appriciate the love

“You guys are so great at what you do. I definitely will recommend DubCrawl to everyone visiting Dublin.”

Jane Smith | Manchester

“Dude, DubCrawl is AWESOME. By far the best night of our vacation. Thank you to all the crew for making it so much fun! ”

John | Boston

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