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10 Spots In Dublin That You Should Have Tried By Now

Feb 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

Everyone loves a good night out on the town with friends, but not everyone is in the mood for a night club yet they’re still up for a bit of carry on till the early hours of the morning. Over the past few years the night scene in dublin has been calling for more cool hip bars that give that NYC vibe. We have compiled a list of 10 spots in Dublin that you need to try at least once and I must say, there was a lot of arguing between the group deciding on these!


Sophie’s @ The Dean Hotel

Sophie’s is probably the newest of all the spots on our list. Take a lift from the entrance of the hotel up to the 5th floor and you will enter Sophies rooftop bar & restaurant. It offers a very trendy design and excellent atmosphere  It has one of the best panoramic views overlooking the city which you probably wouldn’t think you’d get on Harcourt st.



Mary’s Bar & Hardware

A pub? A hardware? Both! Marys Bar & Hardware just off Grafton street is a great quirky addition to the city. It might have the look of “an old mans Pub” on the inside but the craic is mighty. It offers an excellent selection of beers and the service is always top notch. We just hope they don’t be selling hammers past 8pm.


The Black Door

This sophisticated wine bar at the top of Harcourt street could be just what you’re after. Located right beside D2 nightclub, it usually has fairly large but moving queue with a very friendly doorman who is always smiling(rare). The place is packed every weekend and it is open till 4am with a pianist playing party covers all night.


37 Dawson Street

This bar really offers a lot to look at with all the excellent decor wherever you look. Not just pretty to look at though, the service is always great, they couldn’t be more helpful for their guests. It’s always been seen as one of them random spots that people go to, yet never have a bad night.



The Cock and Bull

In the heart of Coolock, this is far from your average local. With fiver cocktails and excellent atmosphere. The crowd are so welcoming, and always up for a laugh. You’ll never be too long waiting for a drink for a drink. Open late every friday and saturday night, so it’s worth a go. The place has been doing so well over the past few years that they’ve opened another Cock and Bull in Raheny, so they’re definitely doing something right!



The Liquor Rooms

This nifty little spot down on Wellington Quay offers some of the finest cocktails the city has to offer. The interior offers a relaxed setting if going on a mad one isn’t what you’re after.

N.B. If you’d like a selfie with a badger, this is the place to be.



This Mexican Restaurant transforms itself come 10:30 every evening. One of Dublin’s newest edition that has become an instant hit with people flocking here every weekend, and sure why wouldn’t they. Excellent drinks, the DJ is class, the staff always are top notch. Dublin really has been screaming out for a bar with something a little different and now we have it!


Temple Bar

It may be a complete rip off, but sure the craic is 90 all the time and ye cannot bait a bitta craic. Step into any of the pubs in the area and you’ll find that the atmosphere is flying, tunes that we all know and love being played by one lad with his guitar with everyone following his every word. Hit up Temple Bar any weekend of the year and you’re bound to find a few Stag/Hen parties keeping her lit!


Grafton Lounge

If you’re looking for somewhere to really let the hair down, this is your place. It is a very trendy spot, always buzzing and you need to see this the Sax player steal the show on a Saturday night. Its also fairly reasonably priced, so there’s no need to sell the car to have a good night here!




Lets face it, we’ve all been here yet every time we go back it seems like it’s got bigger. Spirited with lively country folk looking for the shift and having way too much carry on. The music suits everybody and everyone is on top form and 9 times out of 10 when you go here you are going to end up in…



“Where were ye last night?”, “ Ugh, Coppers!”. It’s a good idea at the time, the only issue is that it doesn’t close when normal places do we need people to tell us it’s time to go home. Don’t get me wrong now, the buzz in coppers at 3am on a Saturday night is a thing of glory. Everyone needs to experience the buzz of having to drop everything and everyone you’re talking to because the Five Megamix has just begun and at that particular time, it is the most important thing in the world.


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