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cheap drink in dublin 7 nights of the week

Feb 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

Best bars in Dublin to get a cheap drink 7 days of the week.

Ok so we have all been there… it’s the last week of the month, your tight for cash and you can’t afford to blow the last of your cash in the expensive Dublin bars. Well look no further, we have compiled the list of best bars in Dublin to get a cheap drink 7 days a week.


Monday – Lafayette

Monday is not a very popular night of the week to be going on the lash, so it’s no surprise that this is the cheapest night of the week to get Drunk!

If you need to take the edge off those dreaded Monday blues, head over to Lafayette on Westmorland St for ‘Corruption Monday’s’ they’re practically giving the booze away at €1.50 a drink all night long!

Lafayette Monday Night Dublin Cheap Night out.


If you’re looking for an after work pint on Tuesday there is no better place to hit up then Dicey’s Garden on Harcourt St. Not only do they have some delicious pints for €2.50, but if your feeling peckish they have a BBQ Menu running all night where you can grab a burger or hot dog for just two quid!

Dicey's Tuesday Night Dublin Cheap Night out.


If you haven’t been to Cassidy’s on Westmorland St before, make sure to pop in and check it out, (so long as you’re down with the skinny jeans and beard hipsters that is).

Grab a pitcher of beer for just €10, (€3.33 a pint? Not bad…) pick out your favourite board game and unwind for the evening without breaking the bank!

Cassidy's Bar Wednesday night Dublin cheap nightlife


If you enjoy a cocktail or two then look no further. Capitol Bar on Aungier St is the perfect excuse for Thursday evening drinks, offering 2-4-1 on their tasty cocktails. (works out €3 per cocktail). They have plenty to choose from and at that price, it would be rude to not try them all!

Capitol Bar Thursday night Dublin cheap night out


If you want to watch the match on a Friday evening Sinnot’ts is one of the best sports bars around town, with 14 large screens and €3 cocktails you won’t find a cheaper sports bar on a Friday.

Sinnott's Friday night Dublin cheap night out

We already mentioned it, but if sport isn’t doing it for you then head up to Dicey’s Garden. They have €2 drinks until 10pm on a Friday and the DJ will be playing some great tunes to get you ready for the weekend. If you’re looking to go with a group, we advise reserving a table early as seats fill up fast!



This next one might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s Saturday night, you don’t have much cash to spend and you’re dying for a night out. O’Reilly’s Bar under Tara St train station has the cheapest Saturday night in Dublin. Shots €1, Pt Bottles of Kopparberg €2.80, JagerBombs €3, Desperado €3.50 and all Pints €4. You can’t go wrong really.
O'Reilly's Bar Tara Street Dublin cheap drink Saturday night out


Offering 50% off all drinks, free Pizza and a free hogbomb on arrival it’s easy to see why Hangar on Andrews lane is fast becoming the place to be on Sunday nights. Screening black and white movies and Playing funky tunes for the night, this is definitely a new take on Sunday nights and worth checking out.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 09.37.12

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