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Dublin’s Ultimate Pub Crawl Guide

Nov 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

Pub Crawls in Dublin City

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Pub Crawls in Dublin City Centre and we are confident there will be something for everyone from traditional pubs drinking guinness to the newest swankiest cocktail bars, we covered it all!

The Original Baggot Mile

The Original – The Baggot Mile

1. The Den

The Den Bar, located in the Landsdown Hotel, is the ideal place to start a pub crawl. It’s big and hosts a large beer garden (which usually has a BBQ for those who forgot to eat!) perfect to gather the troops and have a nice pint to get the evening off to a good start.

2. Searsons

Just across the road lies Searsons, opened in 1845, Searsons of baggot street is one of the most famous bars in Dublin and it’s now the second stop on tonights pub crawl.

3. The Waterloo

Pub number 3 is the waterloo, another one of the great Dublin pubs on this route. Although slightly smaller, they will be expecting you, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait for a drink!

4. The Wellington

The Welly is one of the smallest pubs on the this 12 pubs of christmas, but don’t be put off, it is by far one of the best! If downstairs is too busy, take the stairs to the back which lead up to a much bigger space lending plenty of room for activities!

5. Bar 51

Next up we take a slight detour from Baggot Street, come out of the Wellington and cross over to Haddington road, stick to the right side and head down to Bar 51. If you enjoy a drop of the pure, this is the spot to get it! Bar 51 boast an impressive selection of whiskey. If it’s cold, why not try a hot one!

6. Smyths

Another classic old style Dublin Pub, Smyths on Haddington Road is just across from Bar 51 as you crawl your way back to the Baggot Street bridge. It’s unlikely, but if you get lucky you may get a seat in the much sought after snug!

– Half-Time Walk –

Good stuff, you have successfully made it through 6 of the 12 Pubs of Christmas, an impressive feat in it’s self. We are only half way through, another 6 to go. Luckily you have a nice brisk walk to give you little break to sober up before you meet pub number 7. Don’t be worried, this walk may be one of the best parts of the pub crawl!!! As you and many other 12 pubs soldiers march towards the next stop, there will be plenty of carroll singing and banter to keep you entertained.

7. Toners

Recently crowned the Best Traditional Pub in Ireland, Toners is really one of the best Pubs this city has to offer. It has also been recently renovated and now boasting a massive heated beer garden, the service is always on point. This is 12 Pubs of Christmas and the pubs will be getting very busy as we get closer to the city centre, you may end up overflowing onto Toners laneway before moving on to pub 8.

8. McGrattans

Directly across from Toners you will find McGrattens pub at the bottom of Fitzwilliam Lane. If things are starting to get messy, this may be the pub to skip!

9. Doheny & Nesbits

Another one of Dublin’s most famous Pub, like many others on this pub crawl it is a listed building and if the walls could talk they would tell tails of the great W.B. Yeats, Brendan Behan and Bernard Shaw. Sure at this stage of the night you will be thinking you are having a great literary debate anyway!

10. Reillys

Located on the corner of Baggot Street and Merrion Street you will find Reillys Pub, a great little boozer which will likely be banging out some traditional Irish music.

11. Foleys

Attached to Reillys, Foleys is it’s sister late bar. They will have a DJ playing some party tunes and have a nice sized loft if the main bar is over crowded. (P.S. They do a great lunch Monday – Friday!)

12. O’Donoghues

Well what can we say about O’Donoghues…  Probably the most famous pub in Dublin, it came to fame due to being the local haunt for Ronnie Dru, Luke Kelly and the Dubliners. Some of the greatest musicians to ever hail from Dublin City, they used to regularly drink in O’Donoghues  and to this day still has some great local trad musicians taking requests.

Congratulations… You have completed the 12 pubs of christmas – The Baggot Mile.

13. Xico (If you want to end in a club.)

Still got some gas left in the tank? Fancy a boogie? If you’re not too drunk, head on back to Xico, a mexican underground playground on Baggot Street, it will not disappoint!

The Traditional

The Traditional – Old Dublin Pubs

  1. Toners
  2. O’Donoghues
  3. Dawson Lounge
  4. Keoghs
  5. Bruxelles
  6. McDaids
  7. Nearys
  8. Sheehans
  9. Grogans
  10. The Long Haul
  11. Dame Tavern
  12. Stags Head
The Tourist

The Tourist – Temple Bar Pub Crawl

  1. Turks Head
  2. Porterhouse Temple Bar
  3. Bad Bobs
  4. Fitzsimons
  5. The Norseman
  6. The Temple Bar
  7. The Quays
  8. The Old Storehouse
  9. The Foggy Dew
  10. The Vat House
  11. The Auld Dub
  12. Gogartys
The Commuter

The Commuter – I’m impatiant, get me to the pub!

  1. Graingers
  2. Harbourmaster
  3. Brew Dock
  4. The Celt
  5. The Confession Box
  6. The Oval Bar
  7. Adelphi
  8. TP Smyths
  9. The Boars Head
  10. Slatterys
  11. The black sheep
  12. The Woolshed
The Camden Classic

Camden Classic – Camden St

  1. Karma Stone
  2. The Jar
  3. Against the Grain
  4. Opium
  5. Whelans
  6. Ryans
  7. Palace Bar
  8. Flannerys
  9. Devitts
  10. Camden Exchange
  11. Cassidy’s
  12. Bleeding Horse

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